Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries

Apprentices to the Quaker faith tradition


Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries is the outgrowth of a leading by Deborah Fisch and Lloyd Lee Wilson to undertake a joint teaching ministry designed to help individual Friends become more deeply rooted in the Quaker faith tradition, especially as it has been expressed among Conservative Friends.  The first venture in that joint teaching ministry was Deeper Roots:  a series of four long weekends over an 18-month period to explore together in four foundational areas of the tradition:  personal and corporate spiritual disciplines, historical gratefulness, scriptural literacy, and authentic  communities of faith.

We’re happy to report that our contemplation of and reflection on our first Deeper Roots program has resulted in a commitment to offer it again, building on what we’ve learned so far.  We’ve added Deborah Shaw of Friendship Meeting, North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) to our leadership team and are excited at the possibilities her gifts and skills open up for Deeper Roots 2.0.  She will be introducing herself on the blog on this web site in the near future.

Our hope and plan at this time is to start the new program in the fall of 2020, giving us time to secure an appropriate venue for our gatherings and to publicize the opportunity broadly among Friends.  At this time we are uncertain about where we should be located geographically, but hope to find clarity in the near future.  

 Contact us directly through this web page to receive information about Deeper Roots 2.0 and other future Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries offerings directly via email.

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