Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries is the joint teaching ministry of Deborah Fisch of Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative), Deborah Shaw of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative), and Lloyd Lee Wilson of North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative).  We have been for many years apprenticed to a spiritual path which we find best expressed among Conservative Friends, although the path itself is bigger and older than Quakerism.  

In our experience it is a path best learned by long apprenticeship to the living tradition rather than through catechism or independent individual searching. It is a path of daily discipline, practice, contemplation and growing into wholeness rather than one of immediate transformation.  It is a path directed at the well-being of the faith community and the witness of embodied service to all of creation rather than individual purity or sanctification. 

Over the years we have been approached by individuals from across the world who seek a more direct introduction to this path than they have found elsewhere.  At this time we are led to share what we have learned and experienced in our own apprenticeships with these and other Friends who wish to deepen and strengthen their connection to that Living Source which is over all and in all.  

We hope to create a setting of intentional teaching and learning, group exploration, personal and corporate spiritual practice and discipline, that will deepen the spiritual experience of the participants and enable/equip them to continue similar work in the months and years to come.  

The organizing documents of Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries, the IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter, financial and other reports filed with government agencies may be viewed at BVQM Legal and Financial Documents.  Requests for additional information may be directed to Broken Vessels Quaker Ministries, 1080 45th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50311.