Individual Formation and Corporate Faithfulness

A question has been raised in some circles about how a program like Deeper Roots, which offers an opportunity in Quaker spiritual formation for individuals, relates to the spiritual health of the home meetings of its participants, and what effect the program might have on the public witness of participating individuals and their meeting communities. … More Individual Formation and Corporate Faithfulness


It is almost time for the participants in the Deeper Roots program to gather near Nashville for our first weekend together, and my anticipation is building in a combination of excitement, wonder, and anxiety. All sorts of wonderful things are possible when a group of intentional souls like these Friends come together; the possibilities fill … More Anticipation

Deeper Roots: Four Core Areas

There are four core areas of rootedness – of nurture and support – that we (Deborah and Lloyd Lee) have found essential to the Quaker faith tradition:  Spiritual Discipline(s), Historical Gratefulness, Scriptural Literacy, and Spiritual Community.  Rootedness in each of these areas provides strength, stability, and the nutrients for fresh spiritual growth as a Quaker. … More Deeper Roots: Four Core Areas